Nov 15, 2016

Liquid Bronze Walk In Larder

A walk-in larder is one of today's most coveted kitchen features, so we thought it was a good time to look back on this stunning design from one of our former restoration projects.

Designed by Corin Morton of CDMS Architects this was a challenging build, but as he reflects the clients were open to an ambitious design.  

The result is a sculptural object, clad in liquid bronze, that contrasts with the traditional proportions and style of the room, yet still functions as a conventional larder.  

"The shape and position of the larder derives from the position of adjacent doors and windows and enables the flow of the kitchen to still work," says Corin.  "The larder is positioned against the side wall of the house which being northern gets no sun - this helps the larder to stay cool." 

It has both high and low level air vents, the walls are insulated and the inside of the larder is faced with ceramic tiles.  Using marble for the worktop and having a slate floor also helps as both stay cold, even during the summer.

In addition to the liquid bronze finish, there is also a glass band running around the top and sides of the structure.  "This serves to highlight the contrast between modern and old," Corin explains, "and is scribed around the cornice and skirting boards so that the traditional features are clearly evident."

"Plus, when the lights are on inside the larder at night there is a satisfying glow."

Simply beautiful.

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Photography by James French.

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