Nov 08, 2016

Kitchen design - trends, tips & inspiration

The kitchen is the heart of the home and so it’s no surprise that many of the extensions, basement conversions and renovations that we do at Woodmans include the build and installation of a new kitchen.

With highlights from the 2016 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study and showcasing a few former projects, here are our top 5 trends & key considerations...

#1 Create More Space

More than half the Houzzers who took part in the study were planning to create more space either by opening up to other rooms, changing the layout or extending the property.  

Traditionally kitchens are at the rear of a home, often making it straightforward to extend.  However, if a rear extension isn’t suitable then consider extending downwards.  At Woodmans we are undertaking more basement projects than ever before, especially in London.

#2 Increase Light

According to the Houzz Study, 60% of us spend more than 3 hours a day in the kitchen, so maximising natural light is a priority.  Roof lights and windows are a great way to flood light into a kitchen, as are floor to ceiling glass doors.

Beyond natural light, consider both general and task lighting.  Use layers of lights, such as pendants above an island and under cabinet lighting for worktops.    Recessed lighting remains a popular choice.

Choose consistent colour temperature, just like paint, white lights vary from cool to warm.  Individual controls for all lights will enable you to use whichever layers you need to create the right style and mood, whilst giving you exactly what you need for whatever you are doing.

#3  Successful Storage Solutions

After space and layout then think carefully about storage.  Do you need more storage than you have now?  What do you currently find difficult to store or awkward to find or access?What do you need close by when cooking?  

Planning what each cabinet, drawer and shelves will hold will ensure you have exactly what you need, especially when space is limited.  Add bespoke touches such as a built-in wine rack or a bookshelf for cookery books.

#4  Stylish & Practical

It's unsurprising that creating a stylish and beautiful kitchen is a no.1 priority, but be sure to consider how easy it is to maintain.  

Tiled floors are both practical and hard wearing in kitchens, with ceramic and porcelain tiles being a popular choice this year.  If you opt for wood then choose an engineered wood that is suitable for kitchens.  Granite and engineered quartz is this year's Houzzer's choice for worktops.

#5  Treat Yourself to some Coveted Upgrades

When asked, 49% of Houzzers wanted to open their kitchen up to the outside.  Floor to ceiling glass doors continue in popularity bringing the outside in and increasing light.

Many dream of a walk-in pantry like the one featured below - designed by CDMS and built by the Woodmans team.

Other coveted treats include wine fridges and warming drawers and an Aga will complete a country kitchen. 

And, whilst we continue to install plenty of smart, high tech appliances, audio and security, we still find one of the most popular kitchen additions is a boiling hot water tap!

Browse more of our projects in our gallery and on Houzz.

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